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Appling Rd
 Airline Rd
 Canada Rd
 Chelsea Ave
 College Blvd
 Covington Pike
 Danny Thomas Blvd
 Front St
 Germantown pkwy
 Hollywood St
 Jackson Ave W.side
 Jackson Ave E.side
 Martin King Jr Dr
 Martin King Jr Expy
 Missouri St
 Mound City Rd
 Paul W Barret Pkwy
 Sam Cooper Blvd
 Smith Ave
 Summer Ave
 Sycamore View Rd
 Thomas Ave
 Warford St
 Watkins St
 Whitten Rd
 7th St
 15 Hwy
 64 Hwy

Interstate 40 Memphis Traffic

i-40 Memphis Traffic ...

Traffic map on page load is centered on i-40 Memphis at N. Danny Thomas Blvd ...
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Interstate 40 Memphis Map
The Interstate 40 in Memphis, abbreviated "i-40 Memphis",  is one of the main interstate highway routes and traffic corridors that travels across the metro Memphis area.

The i-40 travels across the metro Memphis region in generally a east-west direction.

The map above shows the i-40 in Memphis (highlighted in pink) and where the i-40 travels through the metro Memphis area.

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